Name: John C Augustine


Reggie, I found out about the change to your email. Please count me in for 2022 reunion I was on 525 in 1971 as MMFN. Left in the yards in Philly.

Name:  Charlie Frisinger


Served Nov 1970-decom May 1973. IC3(SS): jun ior controllerman/batter charger; 6 months in Philly shipyard with the boat: 2 times in GITMO; 1 visit to San Juan; NATO op off N.E. coast of U.S.A.; recruiting cruise to TX & Louisiana.

Name:  Joe Hedgepeth


YN2(SS) 66-67



‚ÄčI was aboard from 10-71.  i was on the decomminissing crew. I made up an expression--I was a plank giver (plank owner). I cleaned the bilges in the engine room. I was very good at that profession. I made E-4 one week after we gave the ship to our good friends in Venezula.  Your welcome. I got out 5-57 as an E-6